$ORI - HyperOrillium (FTM)
$ORI is the native token of The Asteroid Field and Mech Workshop on Fantom's Opera Chain. It can be purchased on the market or earned as a reward on the yield farm. $ORI can also be converted to HyperMECH to earn more $ORI as well as additional tokens simultaneously.

Emission Rate: 3.14 $ORI per Second

Burn Strategies:

There is currently one automatic buy-back and burn feature to help control supply:
    1% of LP deposits in The Asteroid Field are used to buy back and burn $ORI
There are more use cases for $ORI planned for the future.

The Buyback

There are a rich set of buy back mechanisms (and increasing!) , which creates a constant buy pressure for $ORI:
    Swap fees : HyperJump AMM: 0.05% , use for buying back $ORI
    Third-Party Vault Yield Performance Fees (taken off profit) - 4%
      2.5% buys back and burn of $ORI
      1% buys back $AURORA
      0.5% call fee

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