$HYPR - HyperBurn (BSC)
An innovative passive yield token that burns on all transactions except buying.
HyperBurn ($HYPR) is the flagship token of HyperJump that delivers instant passive yield directly to user wallets. It is a deflationary token with a burn on every transaction with the exception of buying.

The Burn

Every transaction of $HYPR, with the exception of buying, is subject to the burning mechanism. The burn percentage is based on a curve against the price of BNB.
  • The highest percentage is 33% based on 50 $HYPR per BNB
  • The lowest possible burn is 0.5%
The burn occurs on all of the following transactions:
  • Selling on a DEX
  • Sending from one wallet to another.
  • Adding or removing liquidity to/from an AMM.

The Buyback

Besides of the burning mechanism, there are also a rich set of buy back mechanisms, which creates a constant buy pressure for $AURORA:
  • Deposit fees : Hyper Jump LP Farms: 1% , use for buying back $HYPR
  • HyperJump LP Vault Yield Performance Fees (taken off profit) - 4%
    • 3.5% buys back $HYPR
    • 0.5% call fee
  • Third-Party Vault Yield Performance Fees (taken off profit) - 4%
    • 2.5% buys back and burn of $ALLOY
    • 1% buys back $HYPR
    • 0.5% call fee

Burn Reward Distribution

50% of all burns are distributed to holders of HyperBurn (HYPR) instantly. The percentage of fees earned is calculated by the percentage of $HYPR that each owner holds.
The HyperBurn smart contract blocks certain addresses like pool or exchange from earning the yield generated from burn fees.
No action is needed for holders to receive the fees. The amount of $HYPR increases right in their wallet.

Burned from Supply

25% of all burns are removed from supply permanently. This causes a constant reduction of supply making $HYPR highly deflationary.

Burned to Development Fund

25% of all burns go back to HyperJump for promotion and further development.

Initial Supply

$HYPR began its life as a different token that was migrated to the current contract. The initial supply was 1 million tokens. The supply will only get smaller over time.
There are more use cases for $HYPR planned for the future.
Last modified 7mo ago