Smart contract security auditing is a thorough analysis of a blockchain applications’ smart contracts in order to correct design issues, errors in the code, or security vulnerabilities.
After inspection through tests, automated analysis, and manual analysis, the auditing team must compile a report for the project team, ideally accompanied with time for the two teams to discuss and act on the report's findings.
HyperJump is Certik-audited. Here is what Certik had to say about us.
Moreover, our team also dive into the details of our audit report, and you can have a read here: Diving in to the Certik Audit of HyperJump

Conclusion: HYPER SAFU

When you invest in a DeFi platform, SAFU is always important. It may seems strange to you, so a little explanation:
  • Officially, SAFU means "Secure Asset Fund for Users".
  • In cryptocurrency culture, SAFU is just a slang for "Safe".
DeFi is actually a wild west world. Luckily, HyperJump team always prioritizes and focuses in SAFU to ensure users can have a peace-of-mind when investing with us.
Last modified 6mo ago
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