Mech Workshop (Staking)
Single asset, double rewards.
The Mech Workshop is where single asset staking for $ALLOY (BSC) or $ORI (FTM) and partner tokens can be done.
  • You cannot buy $MECH directly. You can convert $ALLOY or $ORI to $MECH and back.
    • BSC: 5 $ALLOY = 1 $MECH.
    • FTM: 5 $ORI = 1 $MECH
  • $MECH will earn $ALLOY or $ORI with juicy APY automatically, no matter when (in stake or not)
  • Additionally, staking $MECH in the $MECH pools will give you extra token (e.g. $BTC, $ETH). Those $MECH pool would stay for a limited time, so get your $MECH army ready and grab the chance whenever you can!

How to stake $ALLOY / $ORI and $MECHS for double rewards

To begin, you will need to either purchase $ALLOY / $ORI on HyperSwap or earn $ALLOY / $ORI by staking HyperSwap LP tokens in The Asteroid field.
Once you have $ALLOY / $ORI in your wallet, go to the Mech Workshop and convert your $ALLOY / $ORI to $MECHS.
They will be converted at a rate of 5 $ALLOY / $ORI to 1 $MECH.
$MECHS can be converted back to $ALLOY / $ORI at any time at the same ratio.
$MECHS are only for use in the Mech Factory from the original wallet they were converted in. Do not sell or buy $MECHS on the market or send them to other wallets. Doing so will make it impossible to convert them back to $ALLOY / $ORI and prevent them from producing secondary rewards.
Once $ALLOY / $ORI has been converted to MECHS, $ALLOY / $ORI rewards will begin immediately.
To collect rewarded $ALLOY / $ORI , click "Harvest".
To collect $ALLOY / $ORI and automatically convert to MECHS, click "Compound". $MECHS can also be staked in a single partner token pool, or be divided among various pools while still earning $ALLOY / $ORI simultaneously.
Last modified 6mo ago