FTM - Mech Workshop (Staking)

The Mech Workshop is where single asset staking for $ORI and other tokens can be done simultaneously.


  • You cannot buy MECH directly. You can convert ORI to MECH and back. 5 $ORI = 1 $MECH.

  • MECH will earn ORI with juicy APY automatically, no matter when (in stake or not)

  • Additionally, staking MECH in the MECH pools will give you extra token (e.g. BTC, ETH). Those MECH pool would stay for a limited time, so get your MECH army ready and grab the chance whenever you can!

How to stake $ORI and MECHS for double rewards

To begin, you will need to either purchase $ORI on HyperSwap or earn $ORI by staking HyperSwap LP tokens in The Asteroid field.

Once you have $ORI in your wallet, go to the Mech Workshop and convert your $ORI to MECHS. They will be converted at a rate of 5 $ORI to 1 MECH. MECHS can be converted back to $ORI at any time at the same ratio.

MECHS are only for use in the Mech Factory from the original wallet they were converted in. Do not sell or buy MECHS on the market or send them to other wallets. Doing so will make it impossible to convert them back to $ORI and prevent them from producing secondary rewards.


Once $ORI has been converted to MECHS, $ORI rewards will begin immediately.

To collect rewarded $ORI, click "Harvest". To collect $ORI and automatically convert to MECHS, click "Compound". MECHS can also be staked in a single partner token pool, or be divided among various pools while still earning $ORI simultaneously.