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When did you go live?

We have been here since 1st October 2020. We have rebranded from our previous theme Thugs.fi to HyperJump to be more family friendly and reach a wider audience.

How big is the DAO?

Our DAO consists of 17 members from many different timezones. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organisation.

What about the migrator code and the Timelock?

There is no migrator function and timelock is applied on HyperCity and HyperBurn Contracts.
For more security related knowledge, check out Audits column

When you deposit into Vaults, are your funds locked there for a certain time?

No, you can withdraw your funds anytime.

Useful Links on BSC?

Useful Links on Fantom?

Where does my Ori/Alloy go when I hit “Compound”? Where does my Ori/Alloy go when I hit “Harvest”?

The MECH pool I was staking in is no longer there… What can I do?

You can check "inactive"; Unstake your Mech there; Re-stake them in the active pools.

Where do I find the Aurora Price? Present Aurora Burn Rate? Total ORI Supply? ORI burned?

What are the burn and buyback mechanisms for $HYPR/$AURORA and $ALLOY/$ORI?

BURN from Tokenomics:
  • Every transaction of $HYPR / $AURORA, with the exception of buying, is subject to the burning mechanism. The burn percentage is based on a curve against the price of FTM.
  • The highest percentage is 33% for $HYPR / 15% for $AURORA, the lowest possible burn is 0.5%
  • The burn occurs on all of the following transactions:
    • Selling on a DEX
    • Sending from one wallet to another.
    • Adding or removing liquidity to/from an AMM.
BUYBACK from Farms and Vaults:
  • Deposit fees: Hyper Jump LP Farms: 1% , use for buying back $HYPR / $AURORA
  • HyperJump LP Vault Yield Performance Fees (taken off profit) - 4%
    • 3.5% buys back $AURORA / $HYPR
    • 0.5% call fee
  • Third-Party Vault Yield Performance Fees (taken off profit) - 4%
    • 2.5% buys back and burn of $ALLOY/$ORI
    • 1% buys back $HYPR/$AURORA
    • 0.5% call fee
  • SWAP fees: 0.1% of swap fee on BSC and 0.05% swap fee on FTM are used for buyback and burn $ALLOY and $ORI, respectively.
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