Meet HyperJump

HyperJump is a cross-chain, one-stop and secure DeFi platform
Are you ready to move beyond the corridor of our space-time, on an adventure to unveil the treasures and secrets of the universe?
HyperJump is a project on the Binance Smart Chain and Fantom / Opera Chain dedicated to eGaming and making DeFi fun and easy to use. The HyperJump family of dApps include our alpha game release, a yield farm, single asset staking pools with dual staking rewards, vaults, a contract revoke tool and an AMM (Automated Market Maker).
This project is maintained and cared for by a DAO of 17 dedicated members.
With HyperJump we tried to create an accessible and easy to use environment that is stable and secure. Our project is intended to be highly community oriented and we will ask for your input on any major changes to the protocol.
Our policy favours transparency in order to create a healthy place of exchange.
HyperJump wasn't built in a day so we are still working hard on the project, so don't hesitate to look at our StarMap and give us your opinion.



HyperSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows you to swap between 2 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Fantom Opera Chain (FTM). It is very similar to other AMM's like Uniswap.


Asteroid Field is a yield farm where LP (liquidity provider) tokens can be staked to earn HyperAlloy ($ALLOY, on BSC) or HyperOrillium ($ORI, on FTM). Liquidity provider reward tokens can be received by adding liquidity to the liquidity pool in HyperSwap.


Mech Workshop allows single asset staking to earn partner tokens. $ALLOY / $ORI tokens can be converted to $MECHS in order to earn more $ALLOY / $ORI. Once converted, $MECHS can then be staked for partner tokens, providing dual staking rewards (Earns you both $ALLOY + Partner Token). The conversion of $ALLOY / $ORI to $MECHS is 5:1. $MECHS can be converted back to $ALLOY / $ORI at any time.
Trading $MECHS can cause serious issues in trying to convert back to $ALLOY / $ORI


Star Vaults automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs), automated market making (AMM) projects, and other yield farming opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem. In simple words, Star Vaults auto-compounds your initial deposit increasing the value and amount of your deposited assets over time.
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